Early Access Games - Do You Play Them? Why/Why Not?


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Aug 31, 2020
I don't often jump on early access games. I only ever purchased one for myself, Oxygen Not Included, because I am a huge fan of Klei games and have yet to be disappointed by them. Recently, my spouse bought Raft for us and I am so damn hooked (https://www.siliconera.com/the-games-we-cant-stop-playing/). It combines my love of building/crafting with resource gathering and exploration. While I wait for the developer to drop the next chapter update, I'm sailing around looking for treasure and upgrading my boat to be ready for what comes next.

This made me curious to see what the rest of the community thinks of early access games. Do you generally enjoy some or have you been burned?


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Jan 22, 2021
I have played one or two and the first one i believe was Starbound. There i discovered the pitfall of year long projects; It's very easy for you to play it all before release. The only other example i can think of is the prepurchase of Rogue Legacy 2, which i did purely out of my love for the first game. This time only two or three sessions to see if the new artstyle fit and so far im quite happy waiting for it.
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