Shorts Wearing Youngster
Sep 18, 2020
I am Atelier Tohka, Spirit Alchemist of Ratatoskr. Some of my interests include gaming(of course), along with manga, anime, light novels, comic books, and Let's Plays. I do have my own channel, but it is currently on hiatus because of a variety of circumstances that I wish to work around. I have two complete Let's Plays, two ongoing, and even when I was working on it, I had sort of a sporadic schedule and failed in my efforts to maintain a regular one. This is something that I hope to change once I'm back into things. My first completed Let's Play is not exactly up to a level of quality that I am satisfied with, but of course, I know that that's a natural part of the process and I'll get better with time and experience. I hope to do so eventually. My completed LPs are Spyro the Dragon and Kirby's Dream Land, and currently ongoing are Sonic Adventure and Hyrule Warriors, as of this writing. Nice to meet y'all.