KVM switch to hook up nintendo and playstation5


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Mar 3, 2023
I purchased a KVM switch to connect my work PC and Nintendo console. However, I encountered an issue when switching back from the PC to the game console. The gamepad stopped working, and the Nintendo console froze, requiring me to restart it. The problem persisted, and I eventually gave up and moved the Nintendo back to the living room.

I'm still unsure if the issue was with the KVM switch or something related to the game console settings. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Recently, I started gaming on a PS5 and wanted to try an HDMI 2.1 KVM switch. I came across the 8ksw21-KVM (this one https://www.avaccess.com/products/8ksw21-kvm/ ) and wondered what specifications I should check to avoid similar issues.

Does anyone have experience with an 8k KVM switch or product suggestions? Thanks in advance.