My Game Collection!


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Dec 2, 2020

2020 collectively has been a bit of a rough ride to sit through and observe, but I'm very fortunate that I had the opportunity for a stress free moving out into a place to call my own this year with my partner. She and I both cherish our game collections, so moving into our own place let us dedicate a room solely for our video games. As we're both lovers of cool, physical stuff these are actually just two of several bookcases in our home, but these are the video game ones, haha.

Since we're both Nintendo kids, the shelves are largely dominated by Nintendo system games, but our burgeoning PlayStation collection has been gaining a foothold as I dedicated myself to picking up every Yakuza game for the PS4 this year. As you can see, our figure collection (that's uh, mainly mine, haha) co-stars in some themed placement in conjunction with the games.

Of course, anyone else can show off their game collections here too! I'd love to see if anyone else has some cool set ups.
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