What Is The Age Limit For Student Visa In UAE?


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May 25, 2023
United Arab Emirates
Visa For Students:

Under either parent sponsorship or the sponsorship of an accredited university/college, a student can study in the UAE if the parent is a UAE resident. Universities will facilitate the visa process for students through Student Affairs offices. An educational institute where the student is studying issues a student visa for a period of one year, renewable once the student proves that he or she is continuing studies.

Sponsorship is available to expatriate residents' male children until they turn 25.

The sponsorship of male students over the age of 25 is allowed if they have completed a minimum of one year's study at a higher educational institution. As long as the female child is married, ex-pat residents can continue to sponsor her for study.

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The key requirements

  • In order to apply for a student visa, you must submit the following documents:
  • An official document specifying the duration of studies issued by a university or college
  • A residence visa is subject to additional general requirements outlined in the general provisions.